the Hallelujah Drones
. . for six voices and computer

The Hallelujah Drones was commisioned by Romain Bishoff of the Nederland Vocaal Lab and the Nederlands Fonds voor Podiumkunsten.

The inspiration for The Hallelujah Drones comes from a text written by fellow collaborator Georg Hobmeier called The Mathesis of Myths. In this short and fast paced text Hobmeier sets out to plot the patterns of humanity as seen through the mathematics of our myths.

The text, written in four continuous, unbroken sentences, and the preaching imagery that it projects was a strong influence on the music. Here the text is intoned at varying fast speeds over sustained pitches giving it the sense of uneasy stillness that I draw from these lines:

The Mathesis of Myths
by Georg Hobmeier
The mathesis of myths.... a blueprint of our morals and inner states into society.... nothing has changed, murder and mayhem is still inside and outside of us... addressing these ancient sub currents inside of us, using ambivalence, unclairity, the esoteric, the so called symbolic, camouflaging under a layer of...

Eating a hole in the dense perfection of the world... an everyday moment of our existence... a stroke on the back... the never fulfilled part of a plan ... written to fizzle... the straight trajectories.... towards the linear horizons... that finishing line that will finish us off....

Gash! to the auto telic nomad...wide open... The end is a curve...not loosing its middle...our hands in glass...but roaming the edges of a drive that wont let go...selfless we draw power raw as meat facing eyes on your back...breaking innerness... gaining access...

Conclusio...Falling backwards into a night that knows no morning...A walk on empty paths... The hollow heavens, buzzing, with automata angels, the hallelujah drones... In a backyard, a pile of blue doors are burning, the ones that are used by lovers in dreams...The shell is ready now...

de Bijloke Concert  de Bijloke - Gent - Belgium
Nov 26th 2010
Vocaal Lab
Lugano Concert  Oggi Musica - Lugano - Switzerland
Oct 16th 2010
Vocaal Lab
Gaudeamus Festival  Muziekgebouw - Amsterdam - NL
Sep 7th 2008
Vocaal Lab Nederland
Cankarjev Dom Festival  Lubljana - Slovenia
Apr 2nd 2008
Nederlands Vocaal Lab
CDMC MADRID  MNCA Reina Sofia - Madrid - Spain
Mar 31st 2008
Netherlands Vocal Lab