Jan 17th 18
Phantom Carriage
KINO - Rotterdam - NL
 Jan 27th 18
Het Veem - Amsterdam - NL
 Apr 29th 18
Prague Chamber Ballet
Vinohrady Theater - Prague - CZ
 Aug 31st 18
Liquid Properties
Munchmuseet on the Move
Munch Muesum - Oslo - NO

In tempore beli
. . for three voices and computer

A vocal trio set to a number of texts which, cut up, help express a number of different streamed emotions dramatized by the troupe. There should be no mistake that the title is a millenias old political comment which is juxtaposed against a century old text as it painfully reflects our living moment.

past performances
WinterParade Club Gewalt Trio
Jan 7th 2017
WinterParade Club Gewalt Trio
Jan 6th 2017
WinterParade Club Gewalt Trio
Dec 22nd 2016