. . Music for cello and electronics

Ninevolt is an instrumental song-set bathed in emotional connections to retro gadgetry and future biologies.

The music often starts from a single note, developing and expanding into electronic orchestration and clouds of harmonies while the cello dives in and out with obsesive melodies and grity timbres.

This minimal ode breaks new ground in modern music for its dance like rhythms for which Vega is known for. A passion for unique orchestrations, a real hope for the future and a desire to set new trends in music and art.

1 The Asexual Kingdoms
2 Nine Volt Motion
3 Speculative Renaissance 1 : Simple Beast
4 Speculative Renaissance 2 : The Violence of Looks
5 On Slowness
6 Victoria Viktoria (from the opera "Secretly")

past performances
Ninevolt Release Concert Jan Willem Troost & Henry Vega
Nov 9th 2019