The motion of arrayed emotion
. . for string quartet and computers

The concerns of this piece are the concerns of a computing age that gave way towards empathy for machines and the desire for that personal relationship with a their personal devices. The personal laptop as best friend and the smart phone as companion and sometimes even as trainer.

The musical approach to the piece was aimed at exploring the microminimal characters of rhythm and harmony. Wanting to make music with the most simple musical materials I quickly realized I would have to deal with solving the problem of sounding mechanical and emotionless; rhythmically I was making music with pulses and soon found that I could create motion and dynamics by shifting or layering the pulses to create a type of tension/release through the density of sound. I interweaved the quartet into the layers of glitchlike sounds by sampling the acoustic instruments and using their same gestures. Harmonically the piece uses as little notes as possible arranging them throughout their octave transpositions. Making tension through small intervals in hi registers and continuing to find the most reduced forms of musical feeling.