A Thousand Tones
. . for electronics

'A thousand tones' is a tape piece played by noise and recorded by me.

When I think about Cage, I think about failure and nature, and this relates to me and my ideas about organized sound and composed sound and instruments. What we hear in this piece is that approach but on a much lower level, which is where the machine expresses itself in a density of numbers. The music is noise used to trigger the elements of sound given only a few rules and conditions and letting it draw out changing patterns and rhythms that seem static but are in fact a dynamic system . . . something I visualize as a bored taping while waiting for the bus or the seemingly odd way branches divide out as they grow.

A thousand tones was commissioned by Juraj Kojs.
Monotak presents...  OT301 - Amsterdam - NL
Dec 2nd 2012

University of Maine  U of Maine - Orono - US
Sep 22nd 2012
Juraj Kojs
John Cage - A Centennial  PAX - Miami - US
Sep 7th 2012
Juraj Kojs
Galeria Bohuna  Galeria Bohuna - Liptovsky Mikulas - SK
Jun 25th 2012
Juraj Kojs
Wesleyan University  Wesleyan U - US
Mar 27th 2012
Juraj Kojs
University of Miami  U of Miami - Miami - US
Mar 25th 2012
Juraj Kojs
On Silence: Hommage to Cage  Issue Project Room - NY - USA
Mar 2nd 2012