Collapsing Nude
. : mixed ensemble (cello, trombone, clarinet, flute, electronics & voice)

Commisioned by the Mutu Ensemble.

The Collapsing Nude is a picture frozen in motion. It gives us a million angles from which to view a snapshot in sound while presenting a selected few positions.

Inspired by the fabric designs of Iris van Herpen, in particular the solid fabrics printed to the shape of the wearer, I tailored this piece to the ensembles unique figure searching for a forced unity steaming them together into a block of infused materials.

Electronic Party  Zaal 100 - Amsterdam - NL
Dec 7th 2016
Mutu Ensemble
Dream Stuff  Loos - Den Haag - NL
Oct 18th 2015
Mutu Ensemble
Dream Stuff (premiere)  Splendor - Amsterdam - NL
Oct 17th 2015
Mutu Ensemble