In tempore beli

. . 2016

. . : . for three voices and computer

Live on VPRO On Stage, Feb 14, 2021

A dynamic vocal trio based on a set of three texts which, cut up into alternate versions, express a number of different streamed emotions dramatized by the Rotterdam based troupe known as Club Gewalt.

There should be no mistake that the title references a millenia's old political comment juxtaposed against a century old text that painfully reflects the global emotions of 2016. This was the year that traumatized a generation of people out of fear from the political clout that would be known for promoting white supremacy, social injustice, inequality and, as the title suggests, legal silence for those privileged few.

The composition lulls the listener with a text inspired by George Barkers Villa Stellar before streaming in fast semi-spoken semi-sung vocals entoning the words from Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto. The centerpiece of the 9:11 minute composition is a monologue using a clip from the poem Dis Poetry by B. Zephaniah who captures a modern feeling of insecurities through his spoken-word prose.

The work was commissioned by Club Gewalt and performed 45 times for a rotating audience at the Haarlem Winter Parade in December 2016. This was made possible via the Silent Disco headphone system that allowed the audience to hear and see the live performers while the electronic accompaniment was mixed over headphones only for that specific audience.

Soon to be released by Club Gewalt on Spotify.

VPRO  Tivoli Vredenburg - Utrecht - NL
Feb 14th 2021
Club Gewalt
Venice Biennale Teatre 2019  Venice - IT
Jul 22nd 2019
Club Gewalt
WinterParade  Grote of St. Bavokerk - Haarlem - NL
Jan 7th 2017
Club Gewalt Trio
WinterParade  Grote of St. Bavokerk - Haarlem - NL
Jan 6th 2017
Club Gewalt Trio
WinterParade  Zuiderkerk - Amsterdam - NL
Dec 22nd 2016
Club Gewalt Trio