Jet Valley
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Jet Valley is the city where mechanics harped on their engines the nights length allowing the mountains to pipe their roar into a long faceless hush.

When I began working on Jet Valley I had just relocated to The Netherlands and it was here where I found musicians whose style of computer music invited unimaginable characters into their music. The way these composers were combining intense blocks of dirty brash sounds was new and fresh and left a strong impression on me. With this in mind it became an influence on my own work and decided to then combine the harshest sounds available to me with soft vocal attacks here combining my own style with theirs. In Jet Valley the digital clippings mark my cohesion and enthusiasm for the Dutch noise composers.

Jet Valley was composed in 2002 at the Institute for Sonology in the Hague.

Jet Valley is available from WORM records, Rotterdam.
CEMI 40th Anniversary  MEIT - Denton - TX - USA
Apr 20th 2004
Kevin Patton