Light Dynamics
. . for multi-channel computer

Light Dynamics is a study of noise.

Such an ancient trend to send signals to ships at sea through fires or lanterns, I find it amusing that today we send astronomical amounts of messages from sender to receiver, coded, through conducted light.

The codes for understanding these pulses of light are not so far from each other, yet decipherable only by a few. What differs from then to now is, on the one hand, the amount of information being broadcast but, on the other hand, the switch from man to machine as the conductor of this language.

Nowadays we look at nature and we find many different codes and patterns, which had previously gone unnoticed as simple randomness. It is only after absorbing these patterns that some logical system might arise.

In Light Dynamics the sound sources in all cases are shaped by noise generators while different rates and overlapping noise triggers shape the flow of the piece dictating each musical event. In this piece nothing new was invented, no new number systems for deriving patterns, no new sounds were created and the material it all derived from are easy to find moments, they are simply presented in a different light.

This piece was created at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast.
Belfast Festival - SARC Showcase  SARC - Belfast - UK
Oct 28th 2006
Katarzyna Glowicka
VI Fest. de Music Electroacoustica de Santiago  Centro Cultural de Espa?a - Santiago - Chile
Oct 13th 2006
Ricardo Climent
Sonora Electroacoustic Concert  Sonora - Mexico
Oct 9th 2006
Miguel Angel Ortiz
INVENTIONEN festival  Villa Elizabeth - Berlin - DE
May 26th 2006
Ricardo Climent
Ambisonics Concert  SARC Sonic Lab - Belfast - UK
May 19th 2006
Alo Allik