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Liquidus (2004) was conceived out of an aural motivation, the bending of metal like water.

This work is an approach to computer music where reliance on the source signal, the acoustic instrument, by the computer and the interaction between the two, persuades the composition. This piece is produced entirely using the incoming sounds in real time, an approach that answers several problems related to expressiveness in electronic music. The computer generates material that responds to the nuances in articulations created by the performer on stage at every performance.

The sound of the new instrument relies on the spectral makeup of the performers instrument to create the voice(s) of the piece. This signal dependency approach to the computer is intended to fuse the characteristics of the acoustic into the electroacoustic.

Composition of the piece also leaned on the timbres of the live instrument. Intervallic relationships were derived from the spectrum of percussion instruments such as the opening crotales and used as the pitch content for much of the piece creating scalar and harmonic patterns that include quarter tones. These patterns of extended tunings are used to bend the signal by these ratios or to be used at times by the computer as sets from which to derive pitches.

The result is a symbiotic instrument created between the percussion and the computer capable of refracting and isolating itself, a meta instrument controlled by one performer.

Liquidus was composed and developed at the Institute for Sonology in The Hague and is dedicated to Diego Espinosa and Juan Parra.

CINCH Festival  Belgrade - Serbia
Dec 2nd 2006
The Electronic Hammer
Gaudeamus Live EA Festival  Amsterdam - NL
Nov 24th 2006
The Electronic Hammer
Musikhochschule  Musikhochschule - Basel - CH
Jan 23rd 2006
Holger Stenschke
NWEAMO  San Diego - US
Oct 7th 2005
The Electronic Hammer
The Electronic Hammer NA Tour  Whitewater U - Wisconsin - US
Oct 4th 2005
The Electronic Hammer
Visiones Sonoras  Mexico DF - Mexico
Sep 21st 2005
The Electronic Hammer
De Kaas Toer  tag - Den Haag - NL
Oct 17th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
De Kaas Toer - Rumor Festival  Kikker - Utrecht - NL
Oct 16th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
De Kaas Toer - Locaal 01  Blue Loft - Breda - NL
Oct 15th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
Interactivity Festival  Spui Theatre - Den Haag - NL
May 30th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
BBC Radio 3 - Hear and Now Radio Broadcast  
May 29th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
Sonology  Musikcentrum - Den Bosch - NL
May 13th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
SARC Inaguration Festival  SARC - Belfast - UK
Apr 28th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
The Gulf Tour - Aural Tick Festival  Houston - TX - USA
Apr 4th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
The Gulf Tour  Teatro Helenico - Mexico DF - MX
Mar 28th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
The Gulf Tour  Teatro Helenico - Mexico DF - MX
Mar 27th 2004
The Electronic Hammer
The Gulf Tour - Primavera en la Havana  Museo de Arte Moderno - La Havana - CUBA
Mar 16th 2004
The Electronic Hammer