Machines of Moisture
. . an installation piece for 8 tv's

The piece and its title draw inspiration from the works of Peter Holden whose installations of mechanical bodies moving in surprising human synchronicity prompted me to respond in musical terms. The length of expression he achieves in his works with only a minimal amount of parameters fascinated me. He typically builds simple machines by using a pair of air-compressors but it is the inclusion of body-part castings over the machines that creates the false human relation.

This human 'syntheticity' mirrored my own interests and strengthened my image of the musical possibilities resulting in the present piece. In 'Machines of Moisture' the focus of the music is aimed at creating simple manipulations of a limited group of vocal samples. The music here is based solely on simple vocal building blocks whose attributes are slightly changed throughout the piece. The vocal samples came from vocalist Anat Spiegel.

Commissioned by Peter William Holden