One Step Machina
. . for cello and computer

At the invitation of choreographer Lukas Timulak and the Prague Chamber Ballet a set of tree pieces were created through a rewarding dialogue between cellist Jan Willem Troost, Timulak and myself.
The pieces try different approaches to each of our own characters and our individual portraits. Our conversations touched on stearing the approach to being a composer, being a performer, being a dancer, inspiring a world of ideas encapsulated in a very personal language.

1 . On Zero
2 . On Slowness
3 . On Manouvers

One Step Machina was premiered as part of the choreography 'Entwine' by Timulak

Special thanks to Ladislava Jandová and the PKB dancers.

Golden Prague Festival  National Theatre - Prague - CZ
Sep 22nd 2018
Prague Chamber Ballet
Korea Dance Festival  Cheongju Arts Centre - Cheongju - S Korea
Aug 27th 2018
Prague Chamber Ballet
Prague Chamber Ballet  Vinohrady Theater - Prague - CZ
Apr 29th 2018
Lukas Timulak