Stream Machines and the Black Arts
. . for violin and computer

Stream Machines and the Black Arts

ARTEksounds ART002 2013

Commissioned by Barbara Lunenburg created at ZKM, Karlsruhe

'Stream Machines and the Black Arts' is a fast paced piece of music accompanied by video which playfully joins opposites of musical concepts jumping between fast and slow, setting sounds that are pure against sounds that are glitchy and noisy. With the title I try to invoke a computation concept into a musical setting referring to the 'age of information' in which we are told we live in. Musically the piece can be envisioned as layers and each layer ends sounding in the same way it begins, these blocks of sound replace the idea of phrases and itŐs the counterpoint between these layers and the imitating violin that builds the motion of the piece.

The 'Stream Machines' comments on the ideals used in the composition of both the music and the video where streams of automated materials are starting and stopping sometimes slamming together before a new stream of music and video appears. These sounding streams can be harsh and noisy while maintaining a tonal balance with the performing instrument. Layers between the instruments happen with sudden movements, building up the tension of the piece.
Izlog Suvremenog Zvuka  Studentski centar - Zagreb - HR
May 8th 2015
Barbara Lüneberg
University of Louisville   Planetarium - Louisville - US
Nov 13th 2013

Open Music   Forum Stadtpark - Graz - AT
Jun 5th 2012
Barbara Lunenburg
Miso Music Portugal  Pequeno Auditorio - Lisboa - PT
Sep 13th 2011
Barbara Luneburg
Weapon of Choice  Echoraum - Vienna - AT
May 14th 2011
Barbara Luneburg
Kunstraum Walcheturm  Kunstraum Walcheturm - Zurich - CH
Apr 27th 2011
Barbara Luneburg
Festival Neue Musik Luneburg  Glockenhaus - Luneburg - Germany
Oct 10th 2010
Barbara Luneburg
ZKM  ZKM - Karlsrue - DE
Apr 17th 2010
Barbara Luneburg
Festival Forum Neuer Musik  Deutschlandfunk - Koln - DE
Apr 10th 2010
Barbara Luneburg