the Vapor Collisions
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Marco Cicilian and Henry Vega looked for a more active role. Especially Vega, who, by this work with the MAE, succeeded to place himself well as "primus inter pares". He sometimes colored the timbre in The Vapor Collisions (2006), sometimes adding his own consonances.

Almost traditional were the moments on which he froze the sound of the ensemble to create basic layers over which played, for example, the solo violin.
Jochem Valkenburg
NRC Handelsblad

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The image of vapor metal clouds clashing together against vibrating strings and toms are the inspiration for this piece which fictionally takes us to that plane.    The Vapor Collisions is a reflection of science, fiction and art, taking its name from the 'Theory of Collisions' observed by 17th century Dutch mathematician and physicist Christiaan Huygens.

This piece was composed at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast and uses samples of physical models of metal plates developed at the centre by Stefan Bilbao. These sound samples are manipulated and transposed by microtonal scales to make a bridge between the oil drums and the violin. These same samples plus samples made of the violin during the live performance come back in the middle section to collide against the ensembles playing to create the clouds of sound in this work of musical fiction.

The Vapor Collisions was commissioned by Yannis Kyriakides and Roland Spekle from the MAE and the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.
Making New Waves 2007  Budapest - Hungary
Feb 15th 2007
Ensemble MAE
WORM event  WORM - Rotterdam - NL
Nov 25th 2006
Axes Festival  Witte Dame - Eindhoven - NL
Nov 23rd 2006
MAE toer  Korzo - Den Haag - NL
Nov 22nd 2006
Gaudeamus EA Festival  Amsterdam - NL
Nov 21st 2006
MAE toer  Kikker - Utrecht - NL
Feb 10th 2006
MAE toer  Frascati - Amsterdam - NL
Jan 30th 2006