Wormsongs II
. . for voice and computer

photo Paul Glazier

The Infinite Land
This Hiss of His

Set two of the Wormsongs cyle is an ongoing case for the future. Wormsongs preaches neohumanism in a millenial backdrop where retro is the new terror and any thought of steping into the future is reprehended from all corners of society.

The dreamers have woken up to fear. And what the constelations need now is a newbullseye, a goat to pick a fight with and taunt until it barrels down the curved path to where it will find its favorite new shore.

We see where
the sea asleep
awaits the hand

Electronic Extravaganza  Splendor - Amsterdam - NL
Apr 20th 2017
Anat Spiegel & Henry Vega
Ephemere  Studio Loos - Den Haag - NL
Apr 13th 2017
Henry Vega