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Stuttgart Ballet premiere: June 28th, 2024

Following the success of the composition created for the Slovak National Ballet (see link here: Two Ballet) we're excited to present our upcoming project. Vega has collaborated with choreographer Roman Novitzky and lighting designer Yaron Abulafia to create an hour-long symphonic dance performance in partnership with the talented Stuttgart Ballet dancers and orchestra.

The premiere date has been set to June 28th 2024 under the title "The Place of Choice". Inspired by Dante Alighieri's timeless masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, and influenced by the film "Mr. Nobody," this performance delves into the profound exploration of the choices we make in our daily lives. It highlights how even the smallest decisions can reshape our societal positions and rewrite the destinies of those around us.

"The Place of Choice" is a critique at the gargantuous influence social media has over us and invites you to engage in an experience that encourages mindful reflection on the power of choice and its far-reaching consequences.

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Between the Lines Sound Installation

Our project examines the catastrophic effects of drought and climate change in the forests of the Red Zone in northeastern France. It is linked to the complicated management of the aftermath and remnants of the First World War in the context of the global climate crisis. This crisis has had a monumental impact on the landscape of this region.

As post-war restitution, Germany donated spruce trees to reforest thousands of hectares of polluted landscapes in the Red Zone. Many spruces from monocultures were planted in straight rows, following the scientific management of production forests, invented in Germany. The density of these forests was intended to prevent, and thereby protect, people tempted to enter the forest. The idea was to constitute a Living Sarcophagus.

Our installation brings the forest back from the dead for at least one moment where its fallen trunks can serve as storyteller to the history we have left behind.

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Secretly LP Release Spring 2024

After a decade in the making, we're thrilled to introduce this long-awaited project. This hour-long collection of compositions draws inspiration from the remarkable life and enduring legacy of the legendary figure, Alan Turing. The creative process behind this project not only shaped its musical style but also offered a unique perspective into the life of this enigmatic character, whose lifestyle inadvertently turned those he sought to help against him in a deeply barbaric manner.

Alan Turing's Legacy in a Modern Context :

This project unfolds against the backdrop of today's western society, as it grapples with pressing issues of inclusivity, diversity, secrecy, privacy, and evolving moral values. Through our music, we aim to shed light on the compelling reasons to embrace inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and nurture fresh ideas.

The production showcases the talents of three accomplished vocalists from the renowned music theatre ensemble, Club Gewalt (Suzanne Kipping, Gerty van de Perre, and Loulou Hameleers). They serve as the summative voices of this multifaceted character, weaving a captivating narrative through the music. Accompanying the singers is the Model 62 cello quartet, under the guidance of longtime collaborator Jan Willem Troost who adds depth and richness to the composition. Vega and Troost, known for their previous collaborations as the Ninevolt Duo, have created music for film, ballet, and concerts, showcasing their seamless artistic synergy.

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Gallina Vocal Ensemble Fall 2024

Through a chance encounter i'm happy to announce plans for a new set of vocal pieces that will be performed by the Gallina Vocal Ensemble which aims at answering the question "What is love?", what it means and does it even exist.

This project's research is guided by a singular and captivating focus: objectum-sexuality or Objectophilia. Objectophilia is a fascinating and less-explored facet of human attraction, where individuals form deep emotional and romantic connections with inanimate objects. As we journey through this exploration, we seek literary sources that not only validate the potency of this unique attraction but also shed light on it, encouraging us to engage in contemplation and understanding.

One of the highlights of this collaboration is the incredible virtuocity of the Gallina Vocal Ensemble. They lovingly show a presission to their instruments that opens new opportunities for music.

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